About Fusion BVI - Fusion BVI was created in December 2013 and has since provided tourists and locals the opportunity to participate in our three popular activities (Kiteboarding, Stand Up Paddleboard and Stretching). We want people to be able to explore this beautiful country using our activities, and give them the opportunity to learn new skills whilst having fun.

Mission Statement

Fusion BVI is a locally owned company offering people the opportunity to explore the Caribbean seas and enjoy all it has to offer. Our mission is to set the standard across the BVI for safe, fun, professional water sports coaching, equipment rentals and tours. We aim to create a dynamic watersports community, motivating and encouraging all ages and abilities whilst having the utmost respect for the beautiful environment. Fusions' ethos is to promote healthy living and active lifestyles through human and wind powered sports. We strive to create a harmonious working environment and ensure all our staff radiate enthusiasm, encouragement and professionalism with safety being the number one priority. Foremost, we want all customers and staff to have FUsioN.