KITE with Fusion (Lesson syllabus)
Kiteboarding lesson Syllabus

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The purpose of this page is to clarify, for potential students of the 'Learn to Kiteboard' lesson plan, what can be expected in each lesson and how quickly they should expect to progress. Each student learns to Kiteboard at a different rate and the following lesson plan acts as a guideline only. This is what the average person will cover in each lesson. Some syllabus content and techniques are more essential than others to master before progressing. For those that require a little more time to master techniques, the instructor will adapt the syllabus and lesson plan as deemed appropriate and emphasise/repeat certain techniques more than others. For those that master the techniques quickly, the instructor will not hold you back and will quickly move onto syllabus material of the next lesson.

It is usually expected that 2-4 'Learn to Kiteboard' lessons (2hrs each) would be required to get you familiar with all the equipment and riding around on a board on the water. A few more are then usually required to get you to a level of self competence where you would no longer require the constant supervision and assistance of an instructor in a boat and can go solo or opt for a 'Tow up and safety cover' service.

Lesson One

Lesson one is all about the kite! You will be introduced to the equipment required and the theory and safe practices related to kiteboard specific kite flying. It will include objectives as detailed below;

  • Understand safe wind directions and conditions for Kiteboarding
  • Understand potential hazards
  • Understand how a kite flies and the 'wind window'
  • Set-up of a Leading Edge Inflatable Kite
  • Understand when and how to operate the safety systems of a kite
  • Launch and land a kite to an assistant, and as an assistant
  • Understand and execute kite steering and depower/trim system
  • Controlled flying of the kite
  • One handed control of the kite
  • Water re-launch of the kite (recovering the kite from the water after a crash)
Lesson Two

Lesson two is all about power! Now that you can maintain control of yourself and a kite, you will learn how to move yourself around in the water in a variety of directions and at different speeds. Kite movements and techniques will simulate those used whilst riding on a board or recovering a board following a crash. These techniques act as stepping stones towards handling both a kite and a board whilst in the water.

  • Water re-launch of the kite in deep water
  • Perform a 'downwind body drag'
  • Optimise kite position to control speed and direction
  • Maintain correct body positions during body drags
  • Perform 'directional body drags' to the left and right
  • Perform 'board recovery body drag' (recovering board after crash or loss of control)
  • Understand and execute the kite 'tuning'/trim system
  • Advanced one handed control of the kite
  • Practice handling a board in the water and recovering it following loss of control
Lesson Three

Lesson three is all about the board! Having mastered kite control and power delivery, you need to try some board starts! During this lesson we split riding on a board into three stages; the board start (using the kite to pull your weight over the board into a standing position), gaining speed (moving the kite effectively to generate speed in a direction of your choice) and riding (maintaining and controlling your chosen speed and direction).

  • Risk assessment of your riding area
  • Handle both a kite and board in the water
  • Get board on feet ready for board start
  • Maintain board start position in water
  • Perform board starts in both directions
  • Riding short distances
  • How to stop in a controlled manner
  • Know the rights of way
Lesson Four

Lesson four is all about practicing and developing those board skills! Now that you can consistently get over the board and perform short rides in each direction, we will work on extending the rides into continuous riding and further controlling speed and direction.

  • Control the riding speed using the kite
  • Control the riding speed by edging the board
  • Extending ride duration
  • Consistent riding in both directions
  • Start to ride 'upwind'
  • Self-rescue technique
Lesson Five Onwards

All further lessons are about practicing and developing board skills, enhancing upwind riding to provide the student with some independence from a boat and start working on some turns and tricks!

  • Change direction without stopping (transitions)
  • Attempt riding toeside and a 'toeside carve'
  • Understand jumping technique
  • Attempt first small jumps