Meet the Team
Co-Founders and Owners

Charlie and Lucy Smith

Charlie and Lucy Smith have lived in the BVI since 2005 and ever since have been enjoying the wonderful environment that the BVI's have to offer. Lucy is an avid Kitesurfer, enjoys pilates and takes part in anything that keeps her active! Charlie used to work on Necker island as a watersports manager for 6 years, he coached Sir Richard Branson, his family and guests on his private island as well as completed a record breaking UK channel crossing with him in 2012. He is a talented man on the water and has been on Cabrinha Kiteboarding's international team for the past 3 years.

Co-Founders and Owners

Elliot Steer and Vic Bezemer

Elliot is a BVI islander and as a local, he is particularly passionate about the beautiful environment and surrounding oceans of the British Virgin Islands as well as the watersports and leisure activities. He is keen to use Fusion as a method of sharing his experience of the BVIs. He acts as the business backbone of Fusion with expertise in business management and sales. Vic has lived in the BVI's for over 10 years and has since become a serious watersports enthusiast. She is making the most of her involvement with Fusion and is learning to Kiteboard herself! Vic is Fusions Marketing Manager with the aim to inject Fusion with creativity and help to establish it as a brand.

Kiteboarding Instructor

Kellen Hall

Kellen was born on a small island in southwest Florida and started Kitesurfing when he was 18...he has been hooked ever since. Kellen is a pro rider for Cabrinha and enjoys travelling and entering as many competitions as he can! Having taught here in the BVI before he was very keen to get back to this special place and we at Fusion are excited to have him join the team!

Past Fusion Instructors

We have had some great instructors work for us in the past all of whom have received fantastic feedback and have been an integral part of the company. We thank them all for their handwork and dedication in making Fusion BVI a success.

Liam Proctor
Kiteboarding Instructor

Liam is a recent Civil Engineering graduate currently following his passion as a full time kiteboarder/instructor and has years of riding and teaching experience in a variety of climates! As a member of the Fusion team between October 2014-May 2015 he provided an unbeatable service to all of our kiteboarding students and his feedback can be seen on our tripadvisor page. He is a talented freestyle rider (team rider for North Kiteboarding) but also enjoys the kite racing and 'kitefoiling'. Check out his website to keep up to date with his travels

Ross Browne
Kiteboarding Instructor

Also a Civil Engineering graduate, Ross is making the most of his other qualifications for the time being. Ross is a qualified Kiteboarding Instructor, experienced RNLI beach lifeguard and all round nice guy! He is a keen swimmer and surfer so when he isn't out kiteboarding he'll chase the swell when the wind drops or go out stand up paddleboarding. As a member of the Fusion team between October 2014-May 2015 he was the 'go to guy' on the beach at Oil Nut Bay aiding with any watersports or activities he could and putting a smile on the faces of all those he met.