A selection of videos showing Fusion's local kite spots within the British Virgin Islands alongside other videos produced by the Fusion BVI team.

Cabrinha Kites "Saba Rock - Caribbean trip"

A full length episode professionally produced by Cabrinha Kites documenting the Cabrinha team's travels to Saba Rock for their 2014 equipment photo shoot. See the pro riders tearing up our home spots!

Charlie Smith "This is the life"

What does it mean to live a kiteboarding lifestyle here in the British Virgin Islands?! Well, let Charlie Smith, the Cabrinha international team rider and Fusion BVI owner show you! This is the life.....

Kellen Hall "Cabrinha Life at Saba Rock"

A video documentating one of Fusion's previous employee's (Kellen Hall) stay in the British Virgin Islands and some of his riding around his favourite spot (right in front of Saba Rock!). Good to see what our instructors get up to when they are not teaching....something to look up to!

Perfect 10 - The Final Episode (British Virgin Islands)

The final episode of a series produced by Fusion BVI owner's Charlie and Lucy Smith. This series sees them travelling around the world seeking the best spots in the world with both culture and fantastic series. The final episode details their return to their home in the British Virgin Islands and the unique conditions that can be found here.

Perfect 10 - Episodes 1-4

The full series of Fusion BVI's owner's (Charlie & Lucy Smith) travels around the world to find the perfect cultural and kiteboarding spots. As it turns out, nothing they found was quite as unique as the British Virgin Islands.